Single and Multi Engine Instrument Rating (EASA)

The Booker Aviation EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) provides professional Instrument Rating (IR) Training in both multi engine and single engine aeroplanes, delivering advanced flight training to suit your needs and preferences.

Multi Engine Competency Based Modular Instrument Rating (EASA)

The Instrument Rating is the pinnacle of many pilots’ flight training. The Competency-based Modular Instrument Rating (CBMIR) credits any solo and dual IFR experience both on approved simulators (FNPT) and flight time in aeroplanes.

The CBMIR is a bespoke training course and is completely tailored to your own previous experience, currency and skills. At the commencement of your course you will undertake an assessment flight with our Head of Training who will then customise a course to meet your requirements. The minimum requirements are set out below.

  • Minimum 45 hours total IFR experience
  • Minimum 25 hours dual IFR experience (with an instructor)
  • Maximum 10 hours IFR in an approved FNPT I
  • Maximum 25 hours IFR in an approved FNPT II
  • Minimum 10 hours MEP IFR dual training at an ATO approved to provide the CBMIR(A)
  • Minimum 15 hours dual IFR experience in Multi-engine piston aircraft
    Passed the EASA ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations
  • Valid EASA licence with a current and valid MEP rating
  • Valid medical appropriate to the licence held
  • Have passed the EASA CBMIR(A) / IR(A) or ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations

Single Engine Instrument Rating (EASA)

This course is for students not wishing to complete their Instrument Rating in a multi-engined aircraft. You will be taught to operate in Class A airspace and fly the same procedures and approaches as in the MEIR.

The Instrument Rating course at Booker Aviation is the best example of the bespoke service we offer. Whilst the course minimum requirements are listed below, we will tailor your course to suit your own requirements. You may, for example, wish to do more of the course on the aircraft you will be completing your Skills Test in. We can discuss these options with you at the commencement of your course and we remain flexible as your course progresses so that you can alter your needs as appropriate.

If at a later date you wish to upgrade your SEIR to a MEIR we can assist you with this process. Pre course requirements are:

  • Hold an EASA PPL(A) (CPL holders see note below)
  • 50hrs cross-country flight time as PIC (min 10hrs in aeroplanes)
  • Passed the IR/ATPL theory exams.

Please note that if you hold a CPL(A) or are in receipt of a Course Completion Certificate for the Basic Instrument Flight Module you can follow a 40 hour course. Please contact us for details.