EASA Multi Engine Piston Class Rating Course

Booker Aviation is an experienced EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) offering Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Class training, with a large resource of professional and experienced pilots and aircraft to help you learn to fly an aeroplane. The multi-engine rating is designed to allow you to fly as Pilot in Command of twin – engined aircraft. At Booker Aviation we have various options including the Piper Seneca and Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft with G1000 glass cockpits to give you modern aeroplanes and avonics to train with. These modern technological aircraft are at the leading edge of light twins and will certainly be a pleasure to fly.

Multi Engine Piston Class Rating Course Information

Once you have 70 hours as pilot in command on single engine aeroplanes, you will be able to complete your multi engine piston (MEP) rating. At Booker Aviation, we would advise you having completed these flying hours prior to starting the MEP course, as the experience gained during these hours will assist you in completion of the course in minimum hours, saving you money. The Diamond DA42 Twin Star uses a G1000 glass cockpit. If you have had some experience using this equipment prior to the course it will make the transition much easier – we have the same system on our C172 aircraft and also have a computer training suite available to help you make the switch from analogue to glass. You will need to hold an EASA PPL(A) or CPL(A) to commence the course.

6 hours is the minimum MEPCR training requirement laid down by the Competent Authority. Our package is based on this requirement; any additional hours required to achieve test standard will be charged at our current rates. The course duration is approximately 1 week (full time).

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