Flight Instructor Rating Course or FI (A) Course

Booker Aviation can provide the full EASA Aeroplane Flight Instructor Rating or FI(A) from it’s best in class training school at London Wycombe Air Park. Our professional and experienced full time instructors will book you in for you to join one of our scheduled courses throughout the year. The Flight Instructor Certificate allows the holder to give flight instruction to students for the PPL(A). Once qualified the privileges can be extended to different courses as required. At Booker Aviation we have a team of dedicated FIC Instructors to offer you top quality training.

EASA Aeroplane Flight Instructor Rating Course Pre-requisites

  • 200 hours total flying time
  • 150 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC)
  • Completed the Commercial Pilot Written Exams (may be taken externally)
  • 30 hours SEP (minimum)
  • Further requirements available on request

Flight Instructor Rating Course Details

The actual Instructor Rating Course consists of 30 hours flight time, additional daily ground study and a flight instructor test arranged with the CAA.

Once you have passed your FI(A) test and gained your EASA / UK CAA flight instructor rating, you will be qualified as a ‘restricted FI(A)’ and able to work as a paid aeroplane training instructor under the supervision of a suitable qualified instructor. As soon as you have gained the required instruction experience, this restriction can be removed and you will be able to work as a paid aeroplane instructor without supervision from another qualified instructor. At Booker Aviation we will also offer help and assistance in seeking that 1st instructional position. This may be with our training school or other companies.

The FI(A) training school is located at our London Wycombe Air Park base at the following address:

  • Booker Aviation
  • London Wycombe Air Park
  • Marlow
  • Buckinghamshire
  • SL7 3DP

Contact us for more details and availability by calling on +44 (0) 1494 443 737 or e-mailing us on info@bookeraviation.com