Booker Aviation, in partnership with Heli Air, the UK largest light helicopter company, is delighted to announce that it has expanded its training services to include full-time ground school courses alongside its well established flying training.

Available immediately, the new courses will be professionally delivered in a modular format at the company’s purpose-built facilities at London Wycombe Air Park. The modules will include ATPL(A) ground school studies and preparation for the CAA examinations, ad can be followed by structured hour building and CPL(A) with options for IR(A) or FIC(A). Booker Aviation can offer all services in one package, or a ground school-only package.

Commercial Pilot’s licence working with Buckinghamshire New University

In partnership with Buckinghamshire New University, Booker Aviation can also provide the opportunity to gain a BSc in Air Transport Management alongside its structured flight training.

Booker Aviation’s ground instructors are all fully experienced and professional instructors combining experience in all areas of the aviation industry.

Full Time ATPL Commercial Ground School for Pilots

The courses will be complemented by guest speakers providing additional lessons in their particular areas of expertise, helping to bridge the gap between formal training and industry experience. Our commercial ground school course is full time, allowing you to study intensively for your exams in a professional environment, working with other like minded students and aspiring new aeroplane pilots.

As part of the larger British European Aviation (BEA) group of companies, Booker Aviation can provide employment and work opportunities for individual candidates to help build their experience.

Booking Your ATPL(A) Ground School Course

For more information please contact Alastair as follows:

Alastair Stevenson

Chief Ground Instructor

01494 769976