Aeroplane Class Rating Courses

Once you have achieved your Private Pilot’s Licence or PPL, you are able to do a further courses to learn to fly a different classes of aeroplanes. This class rating training course ranges in length and hours of flying training on type, depending on complexity. 

Once you have completed the appropriate class rating course with Booker Aviation, you will then be able to hire an aeroplane and explore the country in the most exciting way possible. All of our aeroplanes are maintained to the highest standards for your piece of mind.

EASA Aircraft Class Rating

Booker Aviation is an approved EASA ATO, which means we are able to provide approved class rating courses and tests from our base at London Wycombe Air Park. Our wide team of experienced and professional instructors can train you to fly on any of the following aeroplane types:

  • Piper PA-28 Warrior
  • Piper PA-28 Archer
  • Piper PA-28 Arrow
  • Piper PA-34 Seneca
  • Piper PA-46 M500 Turboprop
  • Piper PA-46 M600 Turboprop
  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172
  • Diamond DA-42

Please call Booker Aviation on 01494 443 737 if you wish to book in for a class rating course or find out more. We have a wide range of aeroplanes including single engine, multi engine, and pressurised turboprops available at London base, plus over 30 professional, friendly and experienced instructors available at dates to suit you.

Booker Aviation also organizes days where customers can try out different aeroplane types before deciding whether to complete the full training course. If you would like to find out when the next of these days is to be organized, please either contact the number above or have a look at our events page.